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USATT LEAGUE of the Month - Mar/Apr 2005

Broward Table Tennis Club Members League

By Jun Amon

The BTTC Member’s League was one of the clubs that responded to USATT’s call, with the invitation of Larry Hodges, to join the USATT League. I signed up, got accepted and invited members to join. Soon after, the first BTTC League was held in April of 2004 with only 12 entries at the time who were interested. They played a single round robin with the top four going to the playoffs. The first league champion was Elias Serrano, who bested league director Jun Amon in the final. Since then league participation has grown threefold, attracting more club members, and contributing around 200 matches to the USATT league match count. Now on its fourth leg, thanks to the support of the club officers, it is a part of the club’s regular activities that provides its members with opportunities for friendly organized table tennis competition.

We have just concluded the 3rd leg of the BTTC-Members USATT League. On Jan. 4, 2005, Philip Cohen (now rated 1962) emerged as the champion out of 18 entries in the under 2000 category, beating 4-3 the defending champion from the second league, Terence “Butter” Scarlet (now rated 1850). The other finalists were Abraham Patterson and Jun Amon. In the Under 1500 category, Martin Sundel (now rated 1438) bested Malcolm Austin (now rated 1410) in the playoffs. Below are the finalists in the first three legs.

Finalists in the first three “Legs”:

1st Leg
1st Elias Serrano
2nd Jun Amon
2nd Leg
1st Terence Scarlet
2nd Sean Chung
3rd Leg
1st Philip Cohen
2nd Terence Scarlet

The fourth leg of the Broward USATT League will be held from Feb. 15 to March 17, 2005. The events to be played are the All Stars, Juniors (17 and under), Under 2000 and Under 1650. The league has produced multiple club champions in multiple categories, awarded a number of trophies, lifted competitive spirits, recruited new club members and most of all increased enthusiasm among the BTTC members.

The league usually runs for a month and only meets during club days, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-10 PM, using six tables at the Tree Tops Park and 10 tables at the Jewish Community Center. To register and for more details please get in touch with League Director, Jun Amon, at the club or call 786-390-9454.

Three cheers for the USATT League and Paddle Palace!

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